Biography of Adrienne Knauer,
a Phoenix harpist .
Photographs by Shelby Lea
“I never chose the wedding harpist life. Thewedding harpist life chose me.I went to school andtrained to be a classical orchestra musician. After getting my Masters at Temple University, I decided to trade in my snow shoes for sandals and moved from Philadelphia to Phoenix. Arizona is the perfect place to get married- between the desert scenery to the magnificent sunsets; the weddings out here are simply stunning.Weddings had always been just something “extra” I did. Now they are my specialty. My goal is to have your guests feel your presence with your music selections before you even walk down the aisle. I love enhancing the ambiance of a
wedding ceremony with live harp music. I believe in it so much that I am having it at my own wedding ceremony. My intense classical training actually prepared me to be a calm, collected performer for the high pressure of playing at a wedding. It also
prepared me to be able to handle any nuance that comes my way the day of the wedding. My job is to make this difficult job look easy. My love of pop, rock, and jazz sets me apart and allows me to connect with brides who are looking for more than just classical harp music. But if you want classical, I’m able to do that too. Contact me today to schedule a complimentary music consultation at my studio in Scottsdale where you will see, hear, and feel the emotional difference the harp can make on your wedding day.”
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